Elmar Kranjec, CEO

Elmar Kranjec has longstanding experience in the fields of computer graphics and GIS. Having started as a computer animation specialist at  GRINTEC in 1991 he later became one of the Smallworld pioneers in Austria, leading and supporting numerous GIS projects. Elmar headed the service department before  becoming CEO in 2016.

"Hurrah - we will do it."


Monika Ranzinger, CFO

Monika Ranzinger is founder and partner of GRINTEC. She has been GRINTEC's first CEO and in  charge of GRINTEC for 20 years. After eight years of pursuing different research projects she is back at the head of GRINTEC respponsible for finance and marketing.

"There is always room for improvement"

Our Team

We highly appreciate the diversity and differences in our team, because these are the seeds for innovative thinking, developing and implementing that allow our company to bloom. Fairness, team spirit and humor strengthen our team work which enables us to even overcome the most demanding challenges.

AGIT 2016

GIS-Experts from all over the world attended the AGIT 2016 in Salzburg from 6th to 8th of July.

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