Smallworld GIS

The Smallworld Product Suite of GE Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of tools to support and optimize network-related business processes. Smallworld GIS provides a variety of intuitive operable functions for efficient acquisition, storage, management and evaluation, thus it enables the management of the most complex infrastructure networks.

Smallworld GIS is characterized primarily by the following properties:

  • Robust and well-proven technology
  • Scalability for large amounts of data and a large number of users
  • Availability of standard applications for electricity, gas, district heating, water, sewer and telecommunications
  • Access to a central database via desktop applications, web and mobile applications

Through service-oriented architectures, the Smallworld GeoSpatial Server (GSS) integrates geospatial data and resource information in dynamic system and process environments.
Features of the Smallworld GeoSpatial server are:

  • Integration of business processes based on SOA
  • Business Services for all Smallworld  applications
  • Usage of Smallworld portfolio services including the Smallworld Fachschalen (NRMs), Smallworld Offices, Smallworld Network Inventory and Smallworld Design Manager
  • Provision of CIM data (IEC® Common Information Model) using Web services
  • Platform for the integration of business processes such as for the use of SAP® NetWeaver®
  • Basis for SOA integration products to provide spatial and technical services
  • Integration of Field Force Automation


Product Information

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