SWeb - The Web GIS Client

SWeb is the WebGIS Client for Smallworld GeoSpatial Server GSS and the result of many years of GRINTEC experience. With SWeb you can access your Smallworld database quickly, regardless of location and without installing additional software or time-consuming preparation of data extraction and copies. Predefined search filters allow a specific use of GIS for all tasks of your business:

  • Location request
  • Planning
  • Maintenance and
  • Analysis.

The Object Editor also supports a write access and allows editing of attribute data as well as geometry data. With our extensive redlining functions you can record and save data that are not administered in the Smallworld database.


With SWebApp your GIS data are ready for smartphones and tablets. System administration is minimized because no replicas must be copied to mobile devices.

The basic functions of the SWebApp:

  • Support of gesture control
  • Navigation in all known worlds, such as geographic world, inner worlds, Scheme World
  • Compatible GPS positioning
  • Search for resources, addresses and so on
  • Routing to selected resources
  • Support predefined work processes
  • The capabilities of modern mobile devices to adapt redlining functionality
  • Capturing and editing of object geometries
  • Redlining
  • Related documents

Mobile Smallworld Web Client is now available with offline extension. This allows the use of SwebApp even with poor or no wireless connection without interrupting the editing functionality.



Sometimes the visualisation of GIS Data in SWeb and SWebApp is not fast enough. In this case GRINTEC created the additive product SWebGen. SWebGen can generate and provide maps (tiles) from the existing GIS. The use of this pre-generated maps leads to more performance in the visualization of data for the web and mobile client of GRINTEC and helps to relieve the GSS and the GIS for other activities. In times of low system capacity - ie overnight – new tiles will be created or already existing tiles will be updated. The pre-generated maps can be combined with live data from GIS. Furthermore, the generated tiles can automatically turn on and off depending on the scale / zoom level. The tiles can also be transferred and used on mobile device completely offline.

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Direct access to your spatial data with the Web GIS Client from GRINTEC