LineRegister – Check before you dig

With just one inquiry, LineRegister provides information of underground assets of several network operators and is compatible with various GIS- products. Due to the seamless documentation, it is possible to reach a high level of traceability. 

Why LineRegister?

  • Optimise your inquiry process and assure its quality
  • Unify the handling of your location requests
  • Benefit from a comprehensive security concept
  • Save time and money by reducing work for handling location requests
  • Utilize Google Maps, Bing Maps or Open Street Map for viewing and searching

LineRegister App

iPad users get their LineRegister plans directly on the site with only three clicks. No matter how the Location Request was created - whether on the Web client or on the iPad - it will be available on any device.

Try LineRegister yourself in our Showroom.

Product Information

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