Augview  - Mobiles augmented reality GIS

Augview is the world's first mobile Augmented Reality Asset management application. It utilises the latest mobile technology to make underground infrastructure visible on site as 3D models using 2D GIS data. The application has significantly contributed to Health & Safety around dangerous assets such as gas and high voltage power cables, but also to reduce project overruns, increase the GIS data quality and team communication.

Augview software on your smartphone or tablet connects directly to one or more GIS web servers over a secure internet connection. Geographic asset data is then requested from the web server and displayed on a smartphone or tablet either as a map, text or as a 3D visualization. Asset information (cables, poles, etc) can be edited directly by the user in the field and the data on the server is updated immediately and without any additional administrative overhead.

Why Augview?

  • Augview is a next generation mobile asset management application that improves field staff productivity, reduces the risk of damaging underground assets, supports real-time asset update, improves data quality and reduces back-office administration tasks
  • Augview is platform independent and can therefore display asset data on Android, Apple iOS and Windows 8 devices
  • Augview is able to save company money by improving user efficiency, improving data quality and reducing administrative overheads
  • With Augmented Reality, Augview enables less experienced staff to be more aware of the environment they're working on
  • In addition to support OGC services, Augview also supports Smallworld GSS native services and ESRI ArcServer Restful services

  • Augview licenses can be transferred easily without any charge to any platform or form factor.

Augview, from our partner Augview Ltd., New Zealand, supports online as well as offline modes, meaning that the use of it is not limited to areas with reliable network connection. 

Augview features enhanced security options: If the device is lost or stolen its access to data can be disabled remotely.


Product Information

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