Augmented Reality - intuitive Interaction with GIS data in the field

The augmented reality technology gives you a view of the real world that is supplemented by computer-generated contents, mostly by visual display of additional information as graphics and virtual objects by means of GPS data.

With Augmented Reality, you have the possibility to visualize the underground and above ground infrastructures. With the app "Augview" assets are shown live on a camera view on your smartphone or tablet. 

With "Augview" you design, visualize and update your GIS data directly on site, where your resources located. You prevent damage during excavation activities by interacting with the intuitive visualization of underground data.

Other areas of application include:

  • Lines inspection and gas leak localization
  • On-site instruction of construction companies
  • Maintenance and localization of damaged installations
  • On-site testing of planned facilities and installations

Your company will benefit by:

  • Increasing the data quality
  • Improving the productivity
  • Reducing the administrative workload


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