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PARADISE - Design Key Point meeting

12th of April 2016: PARADISE held its Design Key Point meeting at GRINTEC in Graz. The meeting marked an important milestone: The proof of concept has been successfully shown and now it‘s all go for the prototype design.

PARADISE - We need Your Input

In the context of PARADISE GRINTEC is developing an Augmented Reality-assisted application for measuring assets. If you are interested in an innovative solution for as-built documentation, please share your ideas and requirements with us and fill in our questionnaire.

Thank you for your time and input!


GRINTEC is proud to be partner in project PARADISE (Precise And Robust Navigation enabling Applications in DIsturbed Signal Environments), funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA). PARADISE  was selected as one of the best proposals under  the call H2020-GALILEO-2014-1. The primary objective of the PARADISE project is to develop a GNSS receiver that makes survey-grade GNSS-based positioning available in situations where to date GNSS could not be adopted due to prohibitively bad signal conditions, such as indoors, urban canyons or forests.

The benefits of such a GNSS receiver solution will be demonstrated in the following test applications:

  • Surveying inside and near forests
  • Harvesting wood
  • Augmented reality of construction works in urban canyons

Project coordinator and responsible for GNSS receiver development is IFEN GmbH in Poing near Munich. GRINTEC will develop an Augmented Reality (AR) application for visualizing, planning and surveying underground cables and pipes on site. Building on the achievements of the Vidente-projects and the capabilities of receiver PARADISE we will focus on the tasks to build a robust and reliable platform for a next generation AR field information system. To do this we will utilize a commercial AR-product such as Augview and integrate concepts and methods of Smart Vidente.


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