PlanTogether - Forward-looking Coordination of Roadworks

Digging up the same street again? Not if local and regional authorities, utiltities and other involved organisations let PlanTogether take care of their long-term planning information.

About PlanTogether

PlanTogether has been specifically designed to support forward-looking coordination of  medium to large projects using or blocking public space with differing time frames  by:

  • Unified storage of planned construction projects (planning objects) over long periods
  • Interactive data capture or automatic synchronisation with third party systems
  • Consideration of  restricted areas (e.g. event zones – so marathon runners  will not trip over digging holes).
  • All planning objects  are viewed against a map background. Filters for time and date intervals allow a look into the past or future. Different lists, forms and tables can be derived to suit specific needs. Individual configuration of styling and colour coding adds to clarity and readability.
  • Configurable screen for displaying and editing meta-data for planning objects. 
  • Additional documents like maps or photos can be appended to each planning object.
  • A change log is kept for each planning object.   
  • Automatic detection of synergies and conflicts:  the basic criteria are spatial intersection or vicinity of projects within a certain timespan  - but additional or alternative constraints can be defined.
  • Automatic email notifications  can be sent to concerned parties when the systems detects conflicts or synergies.
  • When synergies are detected and confirmed  planning objects can be marked and carried on as joined projects.

PlanTogether is a Web Application. No installation is required at participating organisations or departments. The server component can be installed and operated at one of the participants or by a third party  provider. Base map and address data can be derived from any OGC-compliant data source.

Benefits of PlanTogether

PlanTogether cannot replace consultation meetings nor the organisational framework and goodwill needed for successful coordination. But PlanTogether makes routine work faster, easier and more transparent thus leaving more time for the coordination proper.

  • All parties have the same up-to-date overview of planned activities in their area.   Role-based access ensures that each user only sees the information needed for his work.
  • PlanTogether makes the coordination process transparent: All user actions are seamlessly documented and easily traceable.
  • Organisations can go on using their own planning tools – new projects and changes are promptly synchronized between PlanTogether and legacy systems.

PlanTogether in Graz

We developed PlanTogether  for the Holding Graz so they can keep track of all their future building acitivities. Not only the departments of Holding Graz (water, wastewater, telecom, public transport, roadworks) use PlanTogether, but also the building department of Stadt Graz and the departments of Energie Graz (electricity, district heating, gas).

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