Your Smallworld map quick and easy

The SWebGen option pre-renders map tiles for use with SWeb and SWebApp for a boost visualization performance. Map interaction is faster than you thought a Smallworld client could ever be. Maps are created in layers and themes and can be freely combined, even with other GSS-data. Not being required to calculate the same maps over and over again, the system is more responsive for other important tasks like running queries or analysing the network. Overnight calculation of map tiles ensures an optimum workload for the existing server infrastructure. Furthermore, these map tiles can also be used on mobile devices in case no mobile network connection is available.

Energie AG Oberösterreich and GRINTEC are working together for many years. Their cooperation in the field of geographic information systems (GIS) started in 1998. Daniel Weitmann from Energie AG Oberösterreich Business Services GmbH is responsible for the web-based GIS. He runs SWeb, the Web-GIS client from GRNITEC, and he is very close to his colleagues which are using SWeb in their daily business.

"Nobody likes to wait", that is the quintessence of Daniel Weitmann's comment on SWebGen. Nowadays the user expects fast map visualisation on web applications and to measure up to the user's expectations is essential. With SWebGen the map interaction in SWeb is considerably accelerated without losing flexibility and actuality. Besides, nothing changes for the user - it's simply quicker.

Energie AG Oberösterreich

The Energie AG Oberösterreich is a modern and efficient utility for stream, gas, warmth, and water.